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Handling Your Family Law Concerns in Evans, Georgia

Family Lawyer Protecting You Using Contempt of Court Proceedings

If you’ve been harmed because someone else has failed to follow court orders, the law firm of William C. Davison, Attorney at Law, in Evans, Georgia, can assist you. To ensure that the orders are followed and your rights are protected, we will bring an action for contempt of court. Contact us today to discuss your legal concerns.

Most frequently, we assist clients handling matters related to marital issues, such as debt division following a divorce or failure to comply with child support orders. After a divorce or separation, your former partner may not be the most cooperative person, refusing to comply with the terms of the divorce or pay child support as required.

Also though, the initial terms of the divorce or separation may not be entirely clear, in which case your former partner may claim that they have complied with the terms as stated. In either case, we can review your particular circumstances, examine the court order and advise you on the best course of action.

What to Do When Someone Fails to Comply with Court Orders

If you are being harmed by someone’s failure to comply with a court order, you should contact an experienced attorney today. There are also other steps you should take. Before you come to our offices, you should document everything that the other person is failing to do. These records will be very helpful in providing support for a finding of contempt of court.

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When you need an experienced family law attorney to assist you with your contempt of court proceedings, you can count on our firm. Call us at 706-250-2969/800-664-3058 or contact us through email today.