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Working With You To Resolve Your Child Custody Matters

In a Georgia divorce, the courts must follow specific child custody guidelines that do not favor one parent over the other. The relationships between each parent and child takes priority. Conflicts can lead to hotly contested situations. When your family is at stake, you need someone on your side. William C. Davison, Attorney at Law in Evans, Georgia, is here for you.

100% Focused on Effective Communication

Head attorney Bill Davison is laser-focused on communication. As a client, you will have open communication throughout the process to ensure that you understand all options and potential avenues. As developments arise, Bill takes time to inform you and answer all of your questions.

He’ll also correspond effectively with your child’s other parent to reach a mutually agreeable decision regarding child custody matters. When a decision regarding parental rights cannot be reached by mutual agreement, Bill communicates well with judges, allowing him to present your case and protect your interests.

Finding Creative Solutions to Resolve Your Child Custody Issues

Child custody and visitation matters are often highly contested; dividing the parenting time spent with your children can be a challenging and contentious process. Where will the kids spend the holidays? Who makes decisions regarding medical care? Where will the children live? These disagreements over parental rights may seem impossible to resolve.

Child custody and visitation rights can be some of the most difficult issues to resolve in a divorce or separation.

Understanding the Complexities of Custody and Divorce

The focus on communication allows Bill to effectively help you resolve these disputes and other complex issues requiring help from an attorney. Georgia custody and visitation laws require creating a detailed Parenting Plan covering every specific situation that can arise. Parents are also required to attend co-parenting classes. Bill can help you address these complex matters with a focus on what is in the child’s (or children’s) best interests.

Handling Special Custody Concerns in Military Divorces

For parents in the military, custody can involve unique complications regarding relocation and visitation and deployment conflicts. We have extensive experience handling military divorce.

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When you need an experienced attorney in Columbia and Richmond Counties or throughout East Central Georgia for your child custody and visitation disputes, count on Bill. Reach out today by email or call 706-250-2969 / 800-664-3058. Your initial consultation is free.