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The Experience You Need to Address Your Military Family Concerns

At the law office of William C. Davison, Attorney at Law in Evans, Georgia, we offer extensive experience handling military divorce and other family law matters for Georgia couples, parents and individuals serving in the U.S. Military. We are conveniently located less than ten miles from the Fort Gordon military base.

We handle Georgia divorces involving military members or the non-military spouse. The knowledge of Georgia divorce laws and federal laws governing members of the military can make a big difference in the outcome for these special couples.

Jurisdiction Issues for Divorce

Unlike a conventional divorce, military divorces can fall under one of several legal jurisdictions. A spouse in the military filing for divorce can have a legal residency in one state, a permanent change of station in another, and actually live in another. If someone is deployed overseas, Bill can generally process their divorce, depending on their circumstances, via mail, e-mail and telephone conferences.

Division of Military Retirement Benefits

There are specific federal guidelines and regulations regarding the division of a military spouse’s retirement benefits. Factors include how long the spouse in the military has served and the length of the actual marriage. Together, you and Bill will address the special division of property concerns and filing all paperwork required to allow for proper allotment at the completion of the divorce.

Child Support and Custody Matters

Many times, people have questions regarding which portions of a service member’s income the courts will include when determining child support. When you work with Bill, you get thorough explanations of the complex categories of military pay and how the laws interpret what will be included or excluded. We will also address unique concerns about child custody and visitation, and provide information related to attending co-parenting classes required in a Georgia divorce, including online options.

Other Military Family Law Concerns

Bill also handles other special family law concerns and challenges for military families that can occur due to deployment or change of station, including:

  • Transferring custody of children to an ex-spouse
  • Modifying visitation schedules
  • Changes to Parenting Plan details regarding vacations, holidays and transportation
  • Modifications to child support orders due to promotions and raises, or discounts for the non-custodial parent for travel expenses

The goal in any divorce is to ensure that all possible scenarios that can arise are covered, during and after a legal separation. Military family law can be complex, and help from a skilled lawyer provides peace of mind and protection of your rights.

Get Help Throughout Your Military Divorce

If you are in the military or married to someone who is, you need special representation by a lawyer skilled in handling divorces and other legal matters for military families. Reach out to Bill via e-mail today for a free consultation. You may also reach out by phone at 706-250-2969 / 800-664-3058.