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Family law encompasses a broad range of potential legal issues. From divorce to adopting a child, name changes to paternity tests, an experienced family lawyer can help ensure more favorable outcomes where your rights remain protected.

William C. Davison, Attorney at Law is a family law firm. Whether you’re a couple in Columbia county or a military family stationed at Fort Gordon, Bill can handle a wide range of legal matters affecting your family throughout East Central Georgia.

Attentive Guidance And Experience For Your Issue

When you are facing legal issues, your family deserves answers. Lead attorney William C. Davison understands that these issues are seldom easy or straightforward, and will work alongside you to answer all your questions throughout the legal process.

A few of the areas covered at the firm include:

Divorce: Issues such as child custody and required co-parenting classes, child support, and division of property involve difficult decisions. Sound advice and compassionate guidance throughout the divorce process can go a long way. The firm also addresses prenuptial agreements to help avoid trouble later.

Military Divorces: Military service members face special considerations in a divorce, including location legalities, custody and visitation issues involving deployment, and federal laws regarding military retirement and other benefits. The unique challenges that affect military families need special consideration that not every attorney can match.

Adoption: For families looking to complete the adoption process, William can help. The firm handles primarily intra-family adoptions, allowing grandparents or stepparents to assume the legal rights and responsibilities of parenthood.

Legal Name Changes: Many clients come to William C. Davison, Attorney at Law because they want to legally change their names. Whether you neglected to request a return to your maiden name during a divorce, you want to change your child’s name or you simply want a new name entirely, he can assist you.

Other Family Law Concerns: Establishing paternity to obtain parental rights and the responsibilities, contempt actions for failure to follow court orders, and domestic violence concerns are just a few of the other areas you can get help with.

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