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Legal Guidance Through Prenuptial Agreements

If the worst should occur and your marriage does not work out, dividing financial assets, property and debts can become a volatile situation. Prenuptial agreements can help ease future tensions by clearly defining separate property and its disposition before you get married.

William C. Davison, Attorney at Law in Evans, Georgia, can help you determine whether a premarital agreement is right for you.

Protecting Your Property Rights and Interests in a Divorce

Prenuptial agreements help protect valuable assets acquired prior to marriage. Working alongside Bill, together you can draft a sound agreement to help avoid trouble before it begins:

  • Identify and protect your investments, family heirlooms, or a business owned before marriage
  • Protect the interests of your children from a prior marriage
  • Ensure you get credit for raising the family while a spouse builds a lucrative career or business
  • Address how debt accumulated during the marriage will be disposed of in the event of divorce
  • Define alimony payments based on the length of marriage to ensure you either receive support or avoid unfair payment

Avoiding Common Pitfalls and Legal Challenges

Bill can also help you avoid common problems with prenuptial agreements involving verbal or unsigned agreements, false or inaccurate information, and signatures obtained under duress or coercion.

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