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Personalized Attention Throughout Your Divorce

Divorce is rarely a matter of simply deciding that separation is necessary; it is a process, often requiring extensive negotiations during a highly emotional time. William C. Davison, Attorney at Law has spent over 30 years helping people throughout Columbia and Richmond Counties, as well as East Central Georgia, start this new chapter in their lives.

Open Communication Is Crucial

Bill works to make this process as easy as possible for you. To do this, he focuses on open communication from the very beginning. Throughout your representation, he will keep you updated on any progress or changes in the case. Your questions will always be addressed. Together, you and Bill will create a plan for the best outcome not just for your immediate future but for years down the road. He will make sure you understand what is happening at all stages of the divorce process.

The Divorce Process in Georgia

The process for your divorce (also referred to as dissolution of marriage) depends upon the particular circumstances of your family. If you have children, you might need to address concerns regarding child support or child custody and visitation. To protect yourself or your children against domestic violence, you may need to file for a protective order.

If you are filing for a divorce and you and your spouse are unable to agree to the terms, you may be required to go through court-ordered mediation. If your spouse fails to comply with the terms of your divorce decree, you may need to bring an enforcement action to ensure compliance. Whatever your concerns regarding your divorce may be though, help is available.

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When you need an experienced lawyer to protect your interests in a divorce, come to the law offices of William C. Davison, Attorney at Law. Contact the firm through email or call Bill at 706-250-2969 / 800-664-3058 to discuss how we can work together to address your legal concerns. Your first consultation is free.