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What do judges look for when determining child custody?

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2023 | Child Custody

There are no guarantees when fighting for the child custody outcome you and your family deserve. While you may not be certain about what the outcome in your case will be, you can improve the quality of the outcome by knowing what a just will consider when they decide on your custody arrangement. Only 29% of child custody cases avoid a courtroom or mediation, so here are some things you can expect a judge to consider in your case:

Each parent’s ability to care for their children

one of the primary factors a judge will consider in a child support case is how well each parent can provide for their children. This consideration includes the stability of the home environment, how well a parent can nurture their children, and what resources a parent has to provide for their children.

The health of the parents

The physical and mental health of a parent is a considerable factor in how well they can raise their children. If a parent is chronically ill or suffering from a considerable mental disability, it could inhibit their ability to be there for their children when they need it.

The emotional connection the children have

The children’s feelings can play into the final decision of the judge in your case. If your kids have a much stronger emotional bond with one parent over the other, it can influence the judge’s final decision.

The possible dangers of a parent

If a parent has a history of violence or abuse, a judge may see that as a threat to the children in a divorce. Additionally, any kind of history of drug use or addiction may also keep a judge from granting custody for the same reasons.

Prepare your case for your custody case

If you want to be sure you are presenting the strongest case possible for your custody agreement, make sure you are presenting facts surrounding what a judge may consider in your case. By preemptively answering questions about how well you can provide and care for your kids, you can increase your odds of earning the results you and your family deserve.