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Step Parent/Grandparent Adoption

Georgia Lawyer Handling Grandparent/Step-Parent Adoption

Committed to Ensuring a Home for Children Who Lose Their Parents

The well-being of a child is often of concern to more than just the biological parents. Who will care for a grandchild if the birth parents should die? What are your rights as a step-parent if your spouse passes away? The law firm of William C. Davison, Attorney at Law, in Evans, Georgia, is here to help.

Through grandparent adoption and step parent adoption, we can help you avoid potential custody problems so you can continue to provide for the needs of children who can no longer depend on their birth parents. Contact us today for experienced assistance.

Taking Legal Charge of Grandchildren or Step-Children

In the event of the death of a spouse, a stepparent has no legal rights to a child. A stepparent adoption ensures your rights to make critical decisions regarding the best interest of the child. Our skilled grandparent and stepparent adoption lawyer will guide you through the process of taking full financial and legal responsibility.

Once the grandparent or step-parent adoption is complete, the following can be accomplished:

  • Obtain a new birth certificate that includes the new parent’s name and the child’s adopted name
  • Avoid problems with medical insurance coverage
  • The child’s right to be “capable of inheriting from a stepparent as if born to that person”
  • Resolve grandparents’ potential custody disputes with other family members

In many Georgia adoptions, a home study may be required and we also assist with understanding what the process involves and how it will impact the adoption.

Experienced Assistance for Military Stepparents

When a natural parent in the military is assigned a permanent change of station or deployed overseas, the step-parent caring for their children can face challenges. If the step-parent is in the military, they can face issues moving children they have not adopted. Our experience in military family law allows us to help step-parents legally indicate custody to obtain passports, authorize medical care, provide benefits, and other special needs.

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To ensure your rights and the best interests of child in through grandparent or step-parent adoption, contact William C. Davison, Attorney at Law, online today, or call our law office at 706-250-2969/800-664-3058.