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Paternity and Legitimation

Skilled Family Lawyer in Evans, Georgia

Family Law Attorney Handling Your Paternity Actions

If you’re a father seeking to obtain the rights and responsibilities of fatherhood, we can help you legally establish paternity. At the law firm of William C. Davison, Attorney at Law, in Evans, Georgia, we are passionate about helping people with all types of legal concerns affecting their families. Contact us today to discuss your paternity action.

Helping You Obtain the Rights and Responsibilities of Parenthood

If you are a father but you are not married to a child’s mother at the time of the child’s birth, you will probably have to take legal action to establish your rights as a father. Even having your name on the birth certificate is not enough to establish a father’s rights. With a DNA test and appropriate legal action, we will work to ensure that you have the right to see your child and make decisions regarding your child’s life.

We can help you obtain the rights and the responsibilities of parenthood. Whether you can reach agreement with the child’s mother and simply need to draft a legally binding agreement or need to petition the court for legitimation in a contested proceeding, we can assist you.

Contact Us Today to Discuss Legal Matters Related to Paternity

To establish your rights as a father, contact William C. Davison, Attorney at Law. From our offices in Evans, Georgia, we can assist you. Call us today at 706-250-2969/800-664-3058 or contact us through email to discuss your concerns.