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Name Change/Birth Certificate Corrections

Augusta, Georgia, Attorney Addressing Name Changes

Lawyer for Birth Certificate Corrections

There are various ways to go about legally changing a child’s name, a birth certificate, or a spouse’s name following a divorce. An experienced attorney can help ensure you don’t compromise your rights. At the law firm of William C. Davison, Attorney at Law, in Evans, Georgia, we are here to guide you through this process.

Our firm offers skilled family law advice and representation. Contact us today to discuss a name change or other family law concern.

Providing Assistance in Changing a Child’s Name

Officially changing the name of a child requires filing a petition with the court, and may require the consent of both parents. Complexities can arise when one parent refuses to give consent. A skilled attorney at our firm will guide you through the process and provide legal options to help resolve problems.

Adult Name Changes

If you desire to have your maiden name restored after a divorce, we will guide you through the process. From filing a petition with the court, to meeting all notifications requirements, we can help you address matters effectively.

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Generally you do not have to go to court for a name change. We offer thorough, attentive service to ensure everything proceeds smoothly. Contact us by email or call our Evans office at 706-250-2969/800-664-3058.