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Juvenile Offenses

Skilled Juvenile Defense Attorney

Protecting Your Child’s Rights and Interests in Evans, Georgia

Good kids make mistakes. If your child has been charged with a juvenile offense and you need an experienced lawyer to handle your child’s defense, come to the law firm of William C. Davison, Attorney at Law. Contact us today to discuss your child’s charges.

Family Lawyer and Criminal Defense Attorney Handling Juvenile Offenses

Criminal charges affect the whole family. When you’re worried about one child, it’s likely to place stress on all aspects of your life and your family. At our firm, we focus on protecting families.

Although today we handle all aspects of the law affecting families, at the beginning of his career Mr. Davison devoted much of his practice to criminal defense. This combination provides an excellent background for handling all of your juvenile defense concerns.

Even Juvenile Offenses Can Have Serious Consequences

A criminal conviction can have a drastic impact on your child’s future. If convicted, a child charged with assault for fighting at school or underage drinking when caught at a party may face long-term consequences for these decisions. A drug conviction may limit a child’s ability to obtain student loans, while a theft or shoplifting conviction might impact his or her ability to secure future employment. Protect your child; hire an experienced lawyer today.

Contact Us Today Regarding Your Juvenile Defense Matters

If your child has been charged with disturbing the peace, possession of drugs or alcohol, or another crime in Georgia and you need an experienced juvenile defense lawyer to protect his or her interests, we can assist you. Call us at 706-250-2969/800-664-3058 or contact us today through email to discuss the charges. Our offices are conveniently located in Evans near the Columbia County courthouse.